Today I think will be a good day.

Today I know will be better than yesterday or even the day before.

I know because I woke to the sun shinning through my windows, lighting up the walls and air around me.

At first, I was certain I had left the bedroom light on the warm glow was so strong. It had been a long time since I’d woken up to golden streams of light shining through.

When I realized it was the sun greeting me this morning, I took a deep breath and laid there for a second. It was a new day and with it, all of yesterday’s problems melted away. My body felt warm and relaxed in the amber rays as the soft particles of light drifted aimlessly through the quiet air. I was in no hurry to move nor was I in any need to remain.

I had a choice. And I chose to start fresh.

The sun’s fierce greeting this morning was a happy reminder that once a day is done, it will never have to be relived. Each day is new and I chose to take advantage of this clean slate.


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