Change is never easy.

Even with good change comes with the fear of not knowing and the unexpected. Change brings hope and also uncertainty.

With change comes different phases. At first, change can seem exciting, new and even a bit daring. The freshness of something different is appealing to a lot of people.

Then a little bit of doubt seeps in. The idea of this new and uncertain path makes one rethink a few things. Am I ready? Will I be able to cope? Will this be a bad idea?

Once the doubt settles in and takes its place next to the excitement residing there, the two battle it out. One side promises that everything will be ok while the other crosses their arms and argues that you never know what will happen.

Now it’s time to work on acceptance. To make a choice and put that life altering plan into action or to sit back and wave aside the option to change. A choice to try something different or to stay with the same ol’, same ol’. This is the toughest part because if you can’t accept that moving forward means leaving a few things behind, then you’ll never fully be able to grasp that change is necessary. Even if it is tough.


2 thoughts on “Change

  1. This is a really perfect explanation of grappling with change. I was surprised that I had never managed to think of it this way – dealing with it seems so much more simple when you write it out in stages like this.

    • And it’s so easy to chastise ourselves when we hit those moments of doubt. Change happens to everyone and we all deal with it in different ways. But at one point or another, each of us will feel each of these stages.

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