Where I Am

There are two primary choices in life; to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. ~Denis Waitley

Life is the motion between one choice and the next. We step from choice to choice as our days flow beneath us in a steady stream.

Recently, I made a decision that radically changed my life. I took everything that I knew and threw them into the wind. I felt tethered to my decision out of necessity and need.

I felt I had no choice but to pick the path I was about to walk down.

What followed were days and weeks of confusion and frustration. Doubt lingered not far behind and worry that a mistake had been made constantly rose beneath my feet to trip me. I fell quite a few times and on some occasions I found myself struggling to stand back up.

When the road before me grew dark and foreboding, I sat down and felt the urge to give up. Had the choice I made been wrong? Should I have continued with the life I knew? Why did I have to make such a tough choice?

That’s when it hit me. I didn’t have to make any choice. I could have continued the way I was. No one forced me and I was not bound by need. I made the choice because I could. I had the freedom. The choice was all mine.

As I pondered this for a moment, the sun poked through the leaves and the path cleared before me. The moment I took responsibility for my choices, as tough as they were, my soul was lightened. I could plainly see that I was doing what was best for me and that I had made the decision to change things because I wanted to, not because I had to.

I wanted what was best for me. I wanted a better path. I wanted freedom and love.

I wanted to be exactly where I am now.


2 thoughts on “Where I Am

    • Sometimes the right choices aren’t the easy one, I’ll tell ya. But these moments of clarity when I realize that I’ve done the right thing are great.

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