Intuition. That little voice that speaks from within. It understands something before you have all the data collected. A niggling at the back of your mind as you face a decision or an undefined point in your life.

Intuition. It can be a friend that guides you or it can deter you from what you already know and make you doubt yourself. When that small inkling about something turns into uncertainty. When confidence turns to doubt.

Most walks of faith will preach to let go and let [deity of your choice] handle it. But as humans, with our intelligence, our gut instincts and our intuition, we decide matters must be taken into our own hands. That we are in charge. That we can define our destiny.

For myself, I believe that our path is marked with signs. Signs that point us in the right direction. And my intuition is in tune with these points of interest. Like a cosmic GPS system with build in points of reference for the journey.

When I’m walking my path and I’m following what I am meant to do, I feel good, centered and confident. My mind is open, my heart is light and my feet have a spring in their step.

When I start to stray, I suddenly get a nasty feeling deep in my stomach. An uneasiness that creeps along through my day and gives the sense of a deep unrest. My mind is cluttered, my confidence is shaken. I feel off….

That was me last night. And that deep sense of uncertainty followed me today. I feel lost. Something isn’t quite right and I can’t find my way back to where I was. To the point where I felt confident. Back to the path on which I was walking.

For now I think I’ll sit and recenter myself. Catch my breath. Fight back the tears that cloud my eyes. Tears of dread as I glance around at the unknown territory I find myself lost in.

And hope. Hope to find my signal again. Hope to find my way back.


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