As Needs

There is a sweating glass of untouched white wine resting neatly on the corner bookshelf. A pile of folded laundry waits patiently to be put away. Last night’s blankets pool around the legs of the bed, streaming along the floor, forgotten and ignored.

The air is stiff and the windows need opening. A stack of unopened mail waits quietly for acknowledgment. Toys linger in spaces where they are not supposed to be. And bookmarks leave impressions in forgotten pages of a book. A red blinking number increases on the voicemail box and flashes angrily at being ignored.

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There is only so much one human can do. Lists of priorities get made and then as quickly, they are forgotten. Things to-do are marked off hurriedly as another item to accomplish lengthens the ever growing list. Time never slows down. The days never seem to be long enough.

We keep our steady pace and push on. As my body tires, my eye droop and my system slowly begins to shut down, I ask myself how I can simplify my life. As a single mother, there is only so much I can do on my own. So that begs the question, where will I find room to cut back?

I wish the answer was as simple as the question. But I find so many areas of my home and my life that I could easily neglect to allow for more time and available energy in other more important areas. Right now the laundry rarely gets put away and the dishes are washed on an “as needs” basis. What else can I do to allow for more time to accomplish the things I need to?

So far the answer is unclear. For now, I continue to batter my way through the endless list of things I need to do, never feeling as if I’m making any head way.


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