Create. Imagine. Begin.


1. (n) the state or quality of being creative.

Being creative is something I know well. I paint, I draw, I write, and in general, I create. My creations are mostly in the form of art or some sort of visual representation of my imaginative spirit.

I believe that each person has the ability to create whether it’s in technology, music, art, or words. We all have it within us to make something based on our skills and our abilities. Some people live this area in their everyday lives.

I am one of those people. I create whenever possible. When I don’t, I feel awful. Like part of myself is being ignored. Like I’m only half of my abilities.

Lately, my creativity is flowing in the kitchen. Any recipe I’ve tried in the last couple of weeks have been a success. I’ve been pretty happy with each outcome and have tried things I’ve never made before: orzo, caramelized onions, browning butter, gratin.

I don’t know how long this energy will last but I find that while I’m creative in the kitchen and feeling quite successful, my other crafty areas are left unattended.

My writing suffers. My quilting is ignored. My stamping and card making items collect dust.

While my kitchen is alive with the delicious scents and sounds of new recipes, the rest of my house is silent, patiently waiting for it’s turn to feel the creative vibe once again.


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