Don’t Call Me Great

I’m not a great person.

I’m selfish, lazy and I’m very unassertive.

I’m also not a great friend.

Again, I’m selfish, lazy and very unassertive.

I won’t call you just out of the blue to say “Hi”. I’d probably forget the exact date of your birth if it wasn’t for Google calendar and Facebook reminders. I’ll probably be glad when plans to go out don’t come through because I’d really rather be at home in my pajamas.

If we’re picking movies, I’ll watch yours but really, I’d rather watch mine.

I may not be a great friend or even a great person.

But, I’m a good one.

I remember the little things like that you don’t care for a certain vegetable or that you like to sit on the right side of the couch. I’ll remember what your favorite childhood cartoon was and I’ll gift you an old copy of the show. I’ll purposely look for things to try or make with you in mind.

When you talk, I may sound uninterested or I may have to ask for things to be repeated. It’s not because I can’t hear you (though that is very possible) or that I’m not paying attention but I’m trying to really listen to what you are saying. And also what you aren’t.

I may not be the greatest friend. I tend to be introverted and like my space. But once a friendship is made, I’ll be that loyal, stand-by friend.

I may not call first but I always call back. I may not remember the date of your birthday but I’ll know about when it happens. And though I’m happy our plans to go out fell through, I’ll most likely invite you over in your own pajamas to sit with some wine and watch movies together.

A movie I picked.


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