Lingering in the darkened corners of my mind,
ghosts do tread.
There they lean and sway, transparently silver.
Eerie and vague, they drift listlessly,
Only shapeless reminders.
Memories pushed aside.
Walking, I move with purpose.
My days filled with life and love.
But the ghosts are haunting.
Always out of reach.
Always out of sight.
A quick glance here and slight breeze there.
A shadow off to the right, a shift in light off to the left.
They linger.

Waiting to be remembered.
Waiting to appear….

Want. Need.

i reach

my hand nearly touches

brushing aside The Veil between.

my finger tips linger,

my lips part,

a breath of anticipation releases.

and then…..

i find myself lost, floating.

with no one to touch,

with no one to feel.

My anticipation crescendos,


It falls in pieces.

i crumble into a puddle,

steaming with want.

filled with need.

ready to burst.

Those Feelings. Those Thoughts. Those Words

Against my teeth, they do press
aching to stream over my lips and speak their meaning.

Like a child, young and innocent, I press my hand against my mouth,
giggling at the secret they keep within.

My cheeks, pink and flush with the unspoken thoughts, I turn away….daring myself not to say them.

Those words.

They are big in their small package.
Their meaning so deep and so powerful

I fear to speak them.

And yet….
there they rest, waiting to peek.
Waiting to pour over my smile and reveal themselves.

Bubbling up, the pure and joyful laughter within my spirit escapes,
while my skin prickles from the thought,
the notion of pronouncing them.

Those feeling.

Those thoughts.

Those words.

Much like a lover’s touch, my thoughts entice me, make me laugh, cause me to squirm in anticipation.


To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did. Anonymous


We take them all the time. In our life, in our relationships. With our jobs and with our hearts.

Why do we take risks?

Sometimes we do it without thinking. We just jump.

In other instances, we stand on the ledge and hesitate. Afraid to take that plunge.

But risks are made in life to stretch out and expand our horizon. To experience something different, something new, something worth while.

There are times when we close our eyes and step off our path and it ends up not being worth all that we risk. But in other times, it could be the difference between living a full life and living a life in regret.


They are scary and exhilarating. They can change our world and give us a different point of view. They can hand us everything we’ve waited for, everything we’ve dreamed of.

But fear and lack of trust in our capabilities can hold us back. That feeling of the unknown eats us up inside and brings down our confidence.

If I jump and I fall, will I be able to get back up? If I leap and miss the mark, will I be able to find my way back?

We question our abilities so much. So much that we will step away from something new and stick to what we know, what we are comfortable with, what we trust. And in doing so, we shut the door on an opportunity. The chance to grow.


We look, we assess. We step back or take the leap.


Win or lose, without it we would never see what we are capable of or how strong we are.

Without it, we would cease to become all that we are meant to be.