Those Feelings. Those Thoughts. Those Words

Against my teeth, they do press
aching to stream over my lips and speak their meaning.

Like a child, young and innocent, I press my hand against my mouth,
giggling at the secret they keep within.

My cheeks, pink and flush with the unspoken thoughts, I turn away….daring myself not to say them.

Those words.

They are big in their small package.
Their meaning so deep and so powerful

I fear to speak them.

And yet….
there they rest, waiting to peek.
Waiting to pour over my smile and reveal themselves.

Bubbling up, the pure and joyful laughter within my spirit escapes,
while my skin prickles from the thought,
the notion of pronouncing them.

Those feeling.

Those thoughts.

Those words.

Much like a lover’s touch, my thoughts entice me, make me laugh, cause me to squirm in anticipation.


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