Your Story

Everyone has a story.

There is a beginning, a climax, some foreshadowing and lots of characters.

Many are straight yet narrow and without changing or winding paths. There may be no surprises but a comfort in that fact that there are no twists. No turns. The horizon is always visible and always in sight.

Then there are others with a surprise at every corner. When the path veers and the plot thickens with every turn of the page. Characters come and go, the story line changing constantly. What will the end hold, not even the main character knows this. Though there is rarely a moment of comfort, the excitement in this story is always there.

After 30 years, my story goes on. It has changed and veered. The road has buckled and crumbled only to be rebuild and my journey to continue.

My story has no end in sight. Though I know it will some day, for now I continue to turn the page in anticipation. To continue on.


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