Naked Truth

I had an inkling or two.

I had an idea that you were not really who you said you were.

There was a moment or two I had my doubts. Moments when I had my suspicions.

But you put on such a good victim act. You had become such a great performer. A dazzling show for all to see. Everyone who came to view your wonderful act was taken in by the lights and mirrors. The hidden truths behind the veil of your talented performance.

And I’ll confess, I was baited and taken by you, too. Hook. Line. And sinker.

I was lucky, though. I figured it out in time. Before I was roped into a life with you permanently. Before I gave up my happiness because I was some how manipulated into believing I was a bad person for not working it out despite my unhappiness. For not sticking it out. For not sacrificing for you and your sad story when in reality I gave all I had until there was nothing left for me.

For my son.

These sacrifices were more than a real true love would never ask someone to make.

But now I know.

Now I see the naked truth.


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