She’s Crafty…

I am not an energetic person.

I don’t bounce off the walls and I’d rather be sitting and watching then up and doing.

I’m calm, kinda lazy and very chill.

Don’t get me wrong, I can get crazy and wild and run around like a maniac but…you are more likely to find me sitting in a bed or couch with a book or a movie just relaxing.

It might be the iron deficiency that plagues me or that I’m just an observer more than a doer.

But, put me in front of an easel or a sewing machine and I go. Something about being creative and making something from nothing that excites me!

I suddenly go from quiet, calm side-line observer to an over-active participant.

Art, it’s what makes me move.

Crafting, it’s what makes me do.

To take an idea, move it and mold it into something tangible and then have it at your fingertips as proof of your thoughts, your creativity and your abilities is a stunning process.

And I thrive on it!

But working a full schedule and being a single parent taking care of the dual duties of both mother and father can make it hard to live out that creative need. That yearning to build and craft.

So, you do what you can. You take the time to search and find inspiration. Then you brew a late night cup of coffee and sit down at your machine. You pull together the brightly color scraps and start to stitch.

You make it happen.

And then you blog about it.

Introducing: In Stitches! My new blog dedicated to my crafty side.

Now, let the creativity flow.


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