The Grief of Metamorphosis

Lately I’ve wondered who am I?

Who am I and what am I doing?

Have I always been this person or…

Was I molded into this being by my experiences?

Does what I’ve been through affect me or…

Does who I am affect what I’ve been through?


So far I’ve received no answer.

No deeper understanding of who I was or what I’ve become.

Did my dreams change or am I the person I’ve always wanted to be but…


The grief is deep as I struggle within my cocoon.

The painful ripping and tearing of flesh as my new wings sprout.

Who ever thought that the beauty of a butterfly was achieved so peacefully was wrong.

To break forth a new being is incredibly painful and scary.

It’s the loneliest point in a life.

To change.

To reveal.

To be all that you are meant to be.



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