The Plan

Planning. Making plans. To plan.

The word plans makes me both excited and nervous.

I like having an idea of what the plan is. That first we’ll wake up, get dressed, go to work, come home, then have our evening activities like homework, dinner, bath and bedtime. Then the quiet peace that fills the house once the young eyes of my son have closed and his deep open lipped snoring sounds blissfully unaware through the night.

I like the feeling of comfort in knowing how our day will be shaped. It’s like a warm large blanket wrapped around me, giving me comfort as I move a long. A simple hug of assurance that you know what you plan to do.

As the blanket cuddles me softly, a cold breeze seeps in between the folds and I realize these plans, they aren’t tight enough.

No plan will ever be fool-proof.

There are always ifs, ands, and buts that can get in the way, break open the hold and leak into a good, solid plan.

But that’s where the balance comes in. The mixture between having a course and staying with it but having the flexibility to bend when the changes come.

Because, everyone knows that when man plans, The Universe laughs. And laughs hard.

Keep your plans. Make then lightly and with ease. Then add a back-up plans, a little room for change and some space for bending.



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