…you just have to laugh. You have to find something funny. Something worth making you see that it’s not so bad.

Lately, my world seems to be swelling. Growing bigger and bigger, becoming more and more unmanageable. Small snippets of time I once had for myself, for things I enjoyed, are slowly being reallocated.

My life is quietly being redesigned to accommodate more of what other people want, rather than having a focus on what my son and I need.

For now, I’m not sure if my inability to adapt to this new situation is because it’s a lot of change all at once or if it’s just me.

If it’s the issue of change, then once the adjustment period is done and life settles, I should be ok.

But if it’s me then I’m in trouble. I feel like a rock set dead center in a constantly flowing river of social obligations, responsibilities, and commitments to others. Instead of going with the flow, I seem to have sunk my heels in and I’m struggling to keep from sinking.

I feel a life changing purge coming on. Someway to cut away the physical and emotional clutter that might be hampering my ability to adapt.

My biggest obstacle? Finding the energy to do so. And then sticking to whatever I find works.

Here’s hoping that somewhere, under all the layers of responsibility and duty, commitments and obligations, I find a place of my own.


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