Life happens.

It happens before our eyes and behind our backs. When we turn it’s there and when we sleep, eyes fastened shut by our dreams, we wake to find it does not stop. Not even for a moment.

Life is constant and flowing.

And as it flows, it ebbs. For every breath in, there is another waiting to be exhaled. Up, down. Backwards, forwards.


For every good, there is a bad. And for every bad, there is the good.

Lately, I’m trying hard to focus on the good. The fact that, once everything is done changing in my life, once the dust settles in my friendships and relationships, everything will be good. Everything will be just as it should be.

Everything will be fine.

Lately things have been less than fine. I’ve dealt with many losses that have clouded my view of the good around me. And for now I feel I must continue on with a light at the end of my tunnel just out of reach. The last leaf has fallen and now my tree is bare, I’m left with just me and my naked core.

Fallen Leaves

I’m bare and vulnerable, my scars visible and my broken heart in repair.

Yet somehow, in all the losses and through all the grief, I know everything will be alright.

I’m strong and capable. And I know that for every bad thing, for every loss, something good will come of it all.

I’ll be a better mother. I’ll be a little stronger. I’ll be a better friend and a better partner.

I’ll take from the bad what I hope to improve.

And make the most of all this loss.


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