Unlike Me

It is unlike me to say “I don’t know how I feel” without really knowing.

It’s unlike me to ignore the risks, to be blind to the dangers.

To avoid thinking of the possible future injuries.

It’s unlike me to forgo the precautions and to not take heed.

It’s unlike me to block out my intuitions and turn my back on my better judgment.

But it’s very much like me to do all these unlikely things when love is at stake.

When my heart calls out and yearns so deeply for that connection. That spark…

I’m known to become someone unlike me.



One thought on “Unlike Me

  1. Sometimes, there are those people, places, and things in life that force us to throw caution to the wind and take a chance. If it doesn’t work out… it may certainly hurt. But you took the chance. Some folks — myself in particular — don’t even have the guts to take that chance… whether it’s moving to a new city… flirting with the person who catches our eye… or just trying a new food. You’re courageous… likely more than you realize.

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