12 Races in 2012

At the beginning of every year, people take a look at themselves and their lives and make resolutions.

They promise to save more money, lose the weight and to get healthy.

Many people don’t stick to them. Gyms are full to capacity throughout January then the numbers of treadmill users dwindles and just the die-hards are left.

This year I made some big goals. Like…huge.

I set out to make 2012 my year. I plan to run 12 races around the Southern California area. The races can be anywhere between 5k-10k and either road or trail will do. I’ll even throw in a mud race, too.

My reward for achieving this will be to plan a trip to Kona, Hawaii in 2013 to run an annual race there and to give myself a little break. It’s rare that I take time for myself and get away. But I feel it’s appropriate for the size of the goal I’m setting out to accomplish in 2012.

Follow my journey on my new blog Running With A Purpose.

Green 10k - HB 2011


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