Letter To My Son: Another Year Older

Every year, I tell your birth story. The story of how you were born. Every year it begins the same and ends just as it did the year before and the year before that.

Your birth story begins with uncertainty, fear, and worry and ends with love, pride, and joy.

The best part is that your story, at its end, is only just beginning.

You were born on a drizzly day. It had rained much of the night before on our way to the hospital. We worried about your Aunt Jen making her way up safely from San Diego to be there to welcome you.

Not long after you entered this world did you begin to explore. With your eyes wide open, drinking in every sight, every sound, you looked around to see what was going on. The nurses worried because you weren’t crying. They needed you to cry and clear your lungs but you were calm, peaceful.


The warmth of a body and the beat of a heart put you to sleep easily. You never took to your crib and always found your way onto someones’ chest to sleep away your baby cares. Listening to the steady rhythm of their heart.

We were in awe of you, you and your dark hair, long fingers and long feet. Your full lips and your strength. You never ceased to amaze us.

As you grew, your personality began to blossom and the strength you showed while in my womb with all your movement translated into pure joy and happiness as a baby. And a very strong will.

You laughed, giggled, snuggled and smiled your way through your days. A silly boy, a willful explorer.

My wish for you my little love as you turn 6 years old is that you never stop smiling. That your inner joy always shines through and that your eagerness to see everything and understand all there is in this world and beyond continues to guide your learning.

I hope for you a life of imagination, pretend and of make believe. To see the world as it is and as it could be. To guide your strengths to build a better future for yourself and for those around you with the help of your wild spirit and your determination.

You are more than I could have asked for in my first child. You bring me joy and lots of room to grow as both a parent and as a person. Through you, I’ve healed my past and built a future with you that I could have only dreamed of. You woke in me the little girl who believed, just as you believe.

Happy Birthday my little dragon.

And here is to the many many years ahead.

With love,



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