These shackles and chains,
they bind me to my past.
I wait to find the key, to be released.

Some say it is in my power,
my will to find the ability
to unlock the chains that
confine me so tightly.

They are right,


There is still a peace I seek,
a freedom in knowing,
you are far from me,
distracted and contained.

Unable to seek me out.

I stumble and make my way,
living a busy life of

[this and that]

looking for a key,
a sign,
that I’m out of danger.

That I am safe.

Without knowing,
I forget the gag and chains,
I begin to live despite it all.

I live
I laugh
I love

And there…

in the midst of all this living,

I found peace.

My wrists are unbound,
my voice free,
my life



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