Deep Breath…

In. And out…

A simple task that we do all the time, everyday, without thinking. We breathe in and then out, letting the air make its way into our lungs and then out with a simple exhale.

In. And out…

It is something we don’t have to think about. We do it naturally.

But there is merit in taking a conscious breath. About reminding ourselves to stop, draw in the air and then, after letting it cycle through our lungs, breathing it back out.

It’s soothing. Calming.

For the time being I have to remind myself to breathe. To stop for a moment, take in a deep breath, and then again remind myself to let it out. My mind betrays me and I lose my confident easily so I stop myself for a moment to take a deep breath.

It works…sorta. It takes a few deep breaths to get me past this dip in confidence but I still make sure I take the time to work through it. To slowly draw everything in and then release it all back out.

In. And out…


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