The List

The List it grows,
never stopping.
All these things
continually topping,
plopping on the top of

The List.

This List I make
to keep me sane,
invisible to others,
never ceases.

It only increases…

Have you not noticed,
this pile of To-Do?

Why isn’t this thing done?
It should have been cared for and
completed long, long ago!

What have you been doing
All. This. Time!?!

Yes, I have seen and know
my things To-Do continue to grow
and grow and soon will be
taller than me…

I can’t seem to find the Time
everyone so easily has
to complete the Everythings
and my To-Dos.

Don’t worry, I can see
with definite clarity
that I lack the ability
to finish what I is in front of me.

The List, my friend
and enemy.
The boulder on which I fall.

The whirling winds and
and hurling pages
of a List gone mad.

STOP! I scream…
I want none of this!

The tingling and fretting
and wringing of the fingers
around the wrists and snapping
of the joints as I fidget — so worried.


Make it stop…