The Wall

I’ve never planned anything bigger than a birthday party for my son. When he turned 5 years old, we had a big shindig including uncles and aunts and cousins and friends and their kids. We had a man come out with reptiles and bugs. There were balloons and a cake decorated with creepy crawlies.

I even had plates and napkins to match the jungle theme.

So planning for 7 months a single day event is a big jump. Going from a simple birthday party for a kindergartener to a 150 person evening wedding is a bit overwhelming.



Up till now, I had some concerns and things were a tad stressful but everything has worked out: our location was available and within budget, our photographer was open that day and had a package we could work with. The caterer we are using turned out to be better than we could have imagined for being a vendor we didn’t get to choose.

Even my dress practically fell into my hands.

All was going accordingly when suddenly we found ourselves at a stand still. No calls have been made, no quotes emailed and nothing is wrong. I think we just ran out of steam.

Planning such a big life moment is a lot of work. Maybe it’s my own fault for not considering that while things might go smoothly for a stretch, there will be moments when things slow down and seem to make little progression. Like being in the fast lane on a freeway when you suddenly find you are slowing down to a stop because you’ve run out of gas.

Yes, we are that annoying car clogging up the fast lane. I can see the open road ahead but in the rear-view mirror I can also see the cars piling up behind us. It’s a stressful feeling to know you still have so far to go and so many big decisions still to make but you are running on fumes.

For now we have our save-the-date cards and about half the addresses we need. We also have our hotel for our out-of-town wedding guests secured. We do have a cake in mind, flavor wise, but our menu is still pending.

But that’s about it.

A night-out may be necessary to revive our decision making process and get back out on the road again.

And soonish…


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