Mad Rush

Last month I had very little to do for the wedding. So I did things that probably weren’t all that big a deal. I got the invites printed, the thank you cards done. The favors were bought and the little do-hickies to go with the favors were printed and ready for assembly.

I pushed to get a few things done that weren’t necessarily pressing because I had this gut feeling that nothing was happening and everything would come rushing at me some time around 3 months before the Big Day.

So February was mostly my own to-do list and things were completed accordingly. But I still felt like most of the time I was sitting on my hands waiting for March. That damn 90 days till the Big Day month.

Damn, I hate when I’m right.

Well it’s March now and we’re about a few days till the month is done and all hell has broken loose.

In a matter for a few hours, dresses have been decided, accommodations for the night off have been booked. Inserts for the invites have been created and lists for the shower have been shared. Passport paperwork has been filled out and all the necessary documents are being hunted down by our mothers.

It’s like mid-March finally came around and now it’s GET ALL THE THINGS DONE NOW!


It’s exactly as I feared. And even though I planned accordingly and made room for this mad rush of things that need to be done, it’s still chaotic and frustrating.

This bride needs a nap.



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