Labor of Love

In January of 2012 I promised myself that I would get my shit together and finally get my poetry published.

So I wrote about it, started collecting everything I’ve written over the past two decades and began compiling them into a neat little folder on my computer to be published.

It’s been a year and a half since I made that goal and today I officially submitted my files and cover for my first book of poetry. Eeek!!

Am I going to be some world famous poet? Pfffffft, no way. Will I make millions of dollars and be able to finally have that dream kitchen I want? Hell no! But to see all my hard work culminate with a printed copy, bound all pretty with my name on the cover, is one of my biggest dreams and will be worth all the tears and sweat that went into it.

Now we wait. Wait to see if my files comply with the regulations and if my work is printable. I’ve got 24 hours to twiddle my thumbs and fret over whether or not I can handle the criticism I’m bound to hear because, while not everyone is a poet, everyone is a critic.

Here goes nothing…


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