Super Me

Some days I wish I wasn’t me.

I wish I was Super Me, a superior form of my average human self.

One with super strength and super bravery and super intelligence.

Even a cape. The cape always brings it together.

I wish that I knew and felt how capable I am. How able I can be. How I am and always will be ok.

I wish I could break down walls  with my bare hands. Smash through fires without being burned. Simmer down raging fist fights with just a single “hush” spoken from my lips.

Still wish I had a cape. One with powers to protect me from any harm be it physical or emotional. A green and blue cape if I must choose.

I wish I was better. Better at being brave and strong. Better at not taking things so personally and not being so fearful of confrontation.

I wish I wasn’t me.

I wish I was Super Me.