Tis’ The Season: Putting Out A Good Word

It’s not everyday you get to sing Jingle Bells.

You could but people would look at you oddly.

It’s not everyday you get to take tiny gold and red bows and stick them to boxes of dinosaur toys or that book your father has really been hoping to read.

Tis the season of joy and festivities! Whether you celebrate Hanukkah(Chanukah), Yule, Kwanzaa, Christmas or Festivus, there is a reason to celebrate. Whether to be thankful for another year or to be joyful for the family and friends you have surrounding you, this is that point in the 365 days we flow in and out of each year to stop and ask ourselves what we have been blessed with.

But it’s also a time when hardships seem to double and overwhelm those in need. For those families and friends who could use a little good luck, this time of year can be heartbreaking.

The Bloggess happened to start a tidal wave of good will and cheer this week with a simple post about giving back. It’s been a rough year for many and for those struggling to get by feel the pinch of another holiday season without the means to make it through.

So I offer up a holiday challenge, to reach out and help someone else. Make this the year you begin a new tradition with you family. Whether through The Bloggess and her holiday post or by way of donation to an organization in your community, reach out and give back.

Every little bit helps and each step we take to make someones’ holiday season just that much brighter. And it will only add to our own joy for the season.

Make it a tradition. Make it apart of your family’s holiday events.

Make another family’s holiday wish come true with just a little help.


Photo by Iconic Captures

Happy Holidays from our family to yours.