Ghosts of Halloweens Past

We love Halloween. As a kid I always dressed up and becoming an adult and then a mom didn’t stop me from doing the same. Every year we plot and put together our costumes and since my son was born, I’ve made it my special mission to dress in some theme until he gets too cool for it.

Here is our Halloween storyline from 2006 to present told in pictures!

Halloween 2006

Little Devils

Halloween 2007

Pirates! ARRRGH!

Halloween 2008

A Fireman and his Dalmatian

Halloween 2009

A Mummy and her Little Ghoul

Halloween 2010

A Little Dragon

(Mama didn’t dress up that year)

Halloween 2011

A Fair Maiden and her Trusty Knight

Now this year I was blessed to spend my Halloween with my better halves: My son and The Guy. Not only does The Guy fit right into our little family, he’s also geeky/imaginative like we are. So when it came to dressing up in theme, he was right on board. He played a big hand in planning our two (count ’em TWO) themed costumes, one for a grown-up only party and the a second set for trick-or-treating with the little guy.


Hunters Of The Undead

(Our grown-up party costumes)

Halloween 2012

The Avengers, Assemble!

(Black Widow, Captain America, and Thor)

And Halloween isn’t just about trick-or-treating and candy, we also dress up for the symphony’s Halloween Spooktacular and for school, too. I think my son went through 3 costume changes this season and I bet he’ll continue to dress up for the rest of 2012.


A day at the symphony with Captain America



Halloween was a lot of fun this year and like the rest, the moment we got home and dumped out our son’s candy bag, we started to talk about next year’s costumes. There has been some talk of Spider-Man and Mary Jane or just a gaggle of geeks including high waisted pants and pocket protectors. To me it doesn’t matter what we end up being as long as we’re having a good time and being a little bit silly…

Next Year

Trying on Thor’s wig

To all the other ghouls, superheros and monsters out there, Happy Halloween 2012!

See you next year!